Set realistic weight-loss goals otherwise you may set yourself up for failure and demotivation.

Many people begin their new weight-loss programme with loads of enthusiasm and excitement. As the days pass by, the positive attitude and motivation somehow seem to fade for some. Is this happening to you? Maybe your weight-loss goals are too difficult for you.

If you find yourself in this situation, stop and take a break. Take another look at your weight-loss plan. Are your weight-loss goals realistic and attainable or have you set yourself unrealistic goals?

If you feel that you are unable to achieve your goals, consider making some changes to your plan. For example, you can break larger goals into smaller goals. Create a plan on how you can achieve these smaller goals. Reward yourself as you achieve each stepping stone. In addition, surround yourself with positive people and keep yourself motivated. You will find that you would not need to make any extra effort.

Remember to be fair to yourself by not setting goals that are out of reach. Know your limits and always ensure that you are not placing yourself under any form of strain. Chat to your doctor or seek professional assistance if you need help in putting a suitable weight-loss plan together.

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