Find out how to streamline your make-up routine and never be forced to leave the house unwillingly red-faced (or bare faced) again!

We get it: life is incredibly busy, and there’s no better evidence of that than your morning routine.

Between getting yourself and the kids dressed and fed (how is it possible to take that long to eat breakfast?), packing school bags, squeezing in a workout and hitting that snooze button at least once, little time is left to make yourself look half decent.

The truth is there’s no reason to sacrifice slapping on your game face, you just need to learn how to streamline your make-up routine…

First thing’s first – it’s time to do a make-up cull

You’re never going to save time if you spend half of it digging through your make-up bag finding the one foundation you actually do use, opening four mascaras before you get to your only non-clumpy one and scratch your eye three times with all those blunt eyeliners before you find the one sharpened one!

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Yip, we all do it, so go through all your make-up and throw out anything dried up, broken or expired, donate all those freebies you have but never use, clean your brushes (you’ll be surprised how much better they work when they’re actually clean!) and pack everything back so that you can see it.

Take great care of your skin

Let’s be honest – the better your skin looks, the less time you need to spend covering it up, right?

So, focus on your skincare routine; wash your face thoroughly twice a day, use the best products for you and drink plenty of water – you’ll be surprised how much time this will save you during your make-up routine!

Use multi-purpose products…

… especially when it comes to your foundation. Depending on how much coverage you’re after, a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream will save you time, providing you with a base while also offering colour correction or moisture, depending on the product. 

Leave your brows to the professionals

Filling in your brows, giving them some colour and life all while trying to get them looking the same as each other really does require some time and patience, so why not consider having them professionally shaped and tinted? This means you won’t have to spend any time on them in the mornings, and should free up around two hours, right?!

Get yourself a big make-up palette

Most brands offer a palette that has all you need in one place; the powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter and even your standard eye shadow colours can all be in one place, meaning you’re saving yourself time looking through everything you own to find the few products you actually use for your everyday looks (don’t worry, we all do it!).