Monday 14 October 2019
Episode 3402

Unexpected tragedy strikes in Thathe, the question is who to blame? James and Marang’s relationship hits a dry patch and threatens to deteriorate. Vhangani’s new found stardom interferes with his day job.

Tuesday 15 October 2019
Episode 3403

Mulalo wants answers from Tenda in the wake of the school tragedy. KK gets a call about the DNA results. Is Kgosi his son? The chief puts Vhangani in a tight spot when he refuses to give him a day off.

Wednesday 16 October 2019
Episode 3404

Tenda hides his involvement in the Thathe crisis. Marang wants to leave Qalabosha but James does not agree. Vhangani takes a risk by pursuing his dream but it might cost him his job.

Thursday 17 October 2019
Episode 3405

Mulalo thinks he has found a clue in solving the mystery of the dead man. Apparently Kgosi is KK’s son and KK is relieved. And Mpfareni and Vhangani prepare to leave the royal compound.

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Friday 18 October 2019
Episode 3406

Vho-Masindi and Vho-Mukondeleli face the chief’s wrath. Marang leaves James, and also decides to resign from Qalabosha. Mulalo anonymously receives a large sum of amount in his bank account.

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