Maps Maponyane is one of the nicest gentlemen in the country, but if you cross him the wrong way then he’s not afraid to hit back

One unfortunate tweep learnt this lesson the hard way this week.

Business is going extremely well for Maps Maponyane and his new restaurant Buns Out. The Linden-based burger joint has attracted a wide range of customers from celebrities to fans and even a three-year-old Spiderman enthusiast.

On Thursday, Maps’s own father, Marks Maponyane became the latest customer to try out the now famously big buns at his son’s restaurant and the proud Maponyane junior couldn’t help but show off the moment on social media.

For those who might not have followed the sport, Marks Maponyane was a famous soccer player in his heyday. As a striker, he scored goals by the bucket-load and to this day he is still Kaizer Chiefs’ all-time top scorer. His record has seen him go down in South African folklore and for many years, his son Maps was often compared to his father as people wondered why he never became a footballer.

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Those questions are about as tired as Zahara’s drinking jokes or Ntsiki Mazwai’s bathing jokes but that didn’t stop one particular Twitter troll from trying his luck when Maps posted a picture of his father on Thursday.

Maps was not in the mood to have his big day ruined, however. The restaurateur hit back in classy but painful fashion when he replied by saying:

We felt those chest pains from all the way here! More and more celebrities are taking a zero-tolerance approach to online bullying and replies like this are becoming more and more frequent on the timeline.

Celebrities are people too and just because we have access to them, that does not give us the right to troll or bully them.