Perfect the art of nail art with these three basic and often overlooked manicuring steps:

A DIY manicure is the weekly treat your nails deserve, but sometimes even the best Pinterest tutorials turn into a mess when you’re skipping some essential steps.

Here are three not so obvious steps your DIY manicure could be missing:

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You aren’t softening your cuticles

There isn’t much you can do about your nail shape, but one of the only things you can do to change and improve your nail shape (aside from extending your nails) is trimming your cuticles.

While most amateur manicurists know about trimming cuticles or at least pushing them back, many people miss the essential step of softening the cuticle first by either soaking them or using cuticle oil. Softening your cuticles makes them easier to push back and shape. Some oils even offer the added benefit of treating and preventing cuticle infections.DIY manicure , nails

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Make sure you remove all residues from your nails

Well, moisturised hands are healthy hands, and they look so much better than dry, ashy and crusty hands. Although a good moisturiser is the best thing for your hands at any other time, it is the worst thing for your nails just before you paint them.

Oily residue on your nails can prevent your nail polish from properly coating your nails and can make for a short-lived manicure. Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you start painting them.

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Use a rubberised base coat to make your nail polish last longer

The topcoat is important. It finishes off the look of your nails and can protect your manicure and help it last longer. The base coat, however, is often overlooked because you don’t see it after your nails are painted.

The base coat is the foundation of every great manicure and can help your paint job last longer. A rubberised base coat sticks onto your nails better than normal nail polish and also holds nail polish longer than your naked nail could.

DIY manicure , nails

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