Pool safety is the most important aspect of owning a pool, and it can even save you money!

It’s swimming season, but it’s not all fun and games. The swimming pool can be a dangerous place for children and adults who don’t know how to swim. Make the area around your swimming pool safer for you, your family and friends.

Fence your pool

Getting the right pool fence is essential for every garden with a pool. Make sure your pool fence is high enough to keep children and pets out. Avoid solid fences that don’t let you to see into the pool area so you can see anyone who may find their way in, and be in trouble inside the pool.

Get a solid pool cover

A solid pool cover has so many benefits. Aside from keeping children out of the swimming pool when they are not supervised, it can also keep debris out of the pool, making cleaning easier. It also keeps your pool warm and prevents water evaporation.

A solid pool cover is better than a net because children can still find their way through a net cover and could end up being trapped beneath the net if they make their way in.

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Use rough paving instead of tiles on the poolside

Tiles can make your swimming pool look more glamorous, but they can also be slippery and increase the risk of poolside accidents when they’re wet (which they will be if people are playing by the pool).

Rough paving tiles are a better option because they provide some type of resistance – although as a rule, no one should be running around the swimming pool at any time.

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You need to have poolside steps

Climbing out of the swimming pool using just the strength of your arms is the perfect Insta-pose, but it isn’t always very practical. Whether you use them or not, having steps for going into and out of the swimming pool means there is always an easy way out of the pool if you (or a child) need it.

Moderate the strength of your pool pump or drain

An overly powerful swimming pool pump is very dangerous, especially for small children who could be pulled and held by the pump. Make sure your pump is not overly powerful or switch it off when your swimming pool is in use.