After a brief exchange of banter on social media with Nandos, AKA cheekily suggested that the chicken franchise name a whole meal after him this week… and who knows, they just might!

Everybody has had something to say about the SneAKA – pronounced ‘Sneak-ah’ – AKA’s brand new collaboration with sporting apparel giant Reebok.

The rapper’s first foray into original footwear has proven to be a big hit and in a bid to promote his new shoe, AKA spent the whole of Wednesday on his phone. He wasn’t just tweeting though, he was calling lucky fans to ask for their shoe size so that he could send them a custom fit of his new SneAKA.

He warned us to keep our phone on announce on Twitter, “PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT MISS MY CALL TODAY. And if you do PLEASE call me back…. I’m calling to inquire about what your sneaker size is ok? …this is very important. Thanks.”

I’m still waiting for my call but that’s neither here nor there!

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While most people were DMing the rapper with their digits, the team at Nandos replied as only the team of Nandos can. Their social media manager wanted to know if “sneaker size” catered for every type of foot because, well, you know:

Never one to miss an opportunity, AKA laughed off the joke before inquiring if Nandos would be interested in branding and naming an entire meal after him:

Quarter Mega Meal does have a catchy ring to it (while we’re at it, so does Bhova Burger, Forbes Fries and a Jarryd Juice) and Tweeps quickly took to the timeline to endorse the idea. One particularly skilled follower went ahead with the creative design for the new meal, just in case the Nandos team seriously considers the suggestion.

Nandos didn’t reply to AKA (nor his fans) but retweeted his suggestion, which is a step in the right direction. All we know is that if these two powerhouses teamed up, they would definitely create the spiciest meal in the country.

Would you buy a Quarter Mega Meal from Nandos?