Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has called for the film industry to be ‘more sensitive’ when it comes to the portrayal of mental illness

Speaking in a recent interview, the xXx actress opened up about how mental illness is shown in films as a whole, stating that it shouldn’t be stereotyped.

The actress spoke about how she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after her mother saw the warning signs.

She told Harper’s Bazaar India; “I didn’t know why I would feel directionless. Why I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore. Why I felt I wanted to give up everything. Why I would just break down or have bouts of anxiety or start sweating suddenly. I had no idea why any of it was happened, and it was my mother who happened to catch me in one of these moments.

“If I can give myself any credit in the entire process, it’s the fact that I didn’t resist anything, from my mother talking to me about it to the diagnosis [and] medication.”

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The star added that she felt ‘liberated’ after speaking out about her personal struggles

She added: “It was my way of saying, “Look who this is, who I am. I didn’t think of the consequences at that point. I wanted people to know my truth. Now, not a single day goes by that people aren’t comfortable to talk to me about their mental health. And I give them my time. There’s nothing more important than that, to listen.

“That in itself is an achievement for me and for the cause. That was really my motivation, to have people talk about mental health, the way we talk about our physical health.”