2.     Personalised diets?

One of the latest trends in the diet industry is diets designed for individuals based on one of a few different factors, like your gut chemistry, DNA, or particular health issues.

These diets can seem very promising if you have health concerns which they address directly, but if that’s the case, then a qualified nutritionist could probably have provided you with similar information.

The problem with these diets is twofold:

  • One, they don’t seem to agree on what diet each person should have, so if you got three companies to each provide a diet they’d all be different!
  • Second, if there are four people in your home and they’re all doing different diets, that’s a logistical nightmare.

Bottom line: Until these diets have some proper credentials I’d say they’re more mission than they’re worth.

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3.     A nice slice of cheddar?

Cheese. Is it good or bad for you? No-one seems to agree.

Most people like the taste of one cheese or another, but when it comes to the diet, there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut answer as to what is good and what’s not. What we DO know is that real cheese (not processed cheese) is good for your oral health, your heart, your quality of sleep, and your gut bacteria.

With regard to whether or not cheese will help you to lose weight, that’s all about quantity. Regulate your intake and you should be fine.


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