The diet and weight-loss industry never rests. Scientists and researchers around the world are constantly working on studies and releasing new information…

Almost every day, we read about a ‘new’ discovery which could help weight loss. Or a ‘new’ super food. Or a new way of dieting.

Sometimes eggs and red meat are ‘healthy’, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes we need to eat carbs, sometimes carbs are ‘evil’. The information is constantly changing depending on who is doing the research, and how much access we have to information.

There are often stories in the news about all sorts of things related to losing weight, from food choices, to exercise, to stress and relaxation and supplements.

Here are some of the latest scoops and trends, and what you REALLY need to know about them:

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1.     Red meat – what are the risks?

There have been an increasing number of suggestions lately that red meats may actually not be bad for us after all.

The KETO diet is all the rage now, and many scientists have jumped on that bandwagon, and as such, a lot of the study around nutrition is currently directed in support of the keto industry. Unfortunately, you have to fudge the numbers a bit to make huge quantities of meat into a healthy diet choice.

Bottom line: Don’t believe the ‘science’ on this. You CAN eat some meat, but it can’t be the most dominant thing on your plate and in your diet if you want to achieve the goals of health and weight loss.

How risky is eating red meat? New research causes controversy


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