Isithembiso star Nandi Mbatha has just spoken out about her battles with an anxiety disorder so severe that she has to take medication to manage it

We are fortunate enough to be living in an era when speaking out about mental illness is becoming more normalised in our society. While we still have some work to do when it comes to understanding the effects and causes of different mental disorders, we are pleased to see more and more people, including celebrities, realising that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

The latest famous face to speak out about her struggles with anxiety disorder is Nandi Mbatha, who recently spoke to W24 about her condition and she spared no details about the effect that the mental illness has had on her life and career.

From anxiety attacks in public places, to having to manage her condition at work, the 22-year-old shared her experience as well as some of the lessons she has learned from living with anxiety.

There’s no real cure for anxiety, but Nandi has found help in the form of a homeopathic medication often recommended for reducing the effects of anxiety

She said to W24, “If I’m in a stressful situation I take Rescue Remedy pills to calm me down.”

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She also spoke about the kinds of spaces and venues where her anxiety is most likely to be triggered before revealing how she mentally prepares herself for those excursions. There are other places which she avoids altogether. “I don’t go to the shops without preparing myself mentally. My anxiety is triggered by stress and being in enclosed spaces, like lifts and on flights.”

Thursday the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day and in the build-up to this year’s day, a number of famous faces have spoken out about their own mental health struggles

Wenzile Madonsela, the 28-year-old daughter of Thuli Madonsela, recently revealed that she recently spent three weeks in a mental health facility.

Taking to Facebook she wrote, “Let me be honest, I’m still struggling to keep up, I have bad days, I get exhausted, I’m lonely, some days I cry, all of that. But I don’t mind anymore. What I’m trying to say is that it is possible for you to feel whole and happy, even with all the bad stuff, even if you’re in pieces,”

Her mother showed both sympathy and understanding in a well-timed social media post which read:

Do you think more celebrities need to speak out about mental health in order for us to become more supportive as a society?