Actress Keke Mphuthi is the latest celebrity actress to call out South African TV’s most famous couple, Connie and Shona Ferguson

The 28-year-old has just exposed the alleged ill treatment she received on the set of one of their shows.

It has been a week of mixed fortunes for the Fergusons. While they’ve been living it up in Hollywood, their reputation has been taken a serious hit back home in Mzansi where they have been accused of exploitation by some of the country’s biggest actors.

Vatiswa Ndara, who starred on their Mzansi Magic drama iGazi called them out for underpaying and overworking her and within a few hours Keke Mphuthi took to the timeline to back her up.

The Unmarried and The Throne star claimed that the television creators caused her a great deal of “trauma” during a time when she was pregnant, before accusing them of underpaying her for months before that.

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Shortly after Vatiswa aired her frustrations with Ferguson Films, Keke showed her support by sharing her own experience with the couple and their production company

Till now the Fergusons have had a squeaky-clean image in the public eye, but after Vatiswa’s open letter, an emotional Keke followed it up with a damning thread.

She began by saying, “[sic]Finally… y’all don’t even know half the trauma I went through because of the Ferguson’s ,because I was pregnant and even before then I was earning below minimum on two PRODUCTIONS I PLAYED LEAD ON… then I find out they trying to get me blacklisted… LOOK AT GOD…, (sic)”

Unfortunately for the Fergusons, it didn’t end there. Keke shared the alarming details of meetings she had with Shona, in which she was assured that her job was safe, weeks before being dismissed and short paid.

She said:

Keke continued to defend herself from critics and detractors including entertainment reporter Phil Mphela, who claimed that she had concealed her pregnancy from the celebrity couple before landing a role on The Throne.

She calmly set the record straight:

After a series of tweets in which she continued to clarify spurious claims online, while also thanking fellow actors like Florence Masebe for their support, Keke ended her emotional monologue by sharing a brief message to her young daughter.

The actress apologised for “blaming” her infant for the loss of her job when in fact there were other unfair circumstances at play.

The Fergusons have been notably quiet amid the allegations being levelled at them by some of the country’s biggest actors. With all eyes on their timeline and indeed their brand, we imagine it won’t be long before they issue an official response.

Do you think that the Fergusons need to answer to the claims being made about them?