While World Recycling Week concluded just last week, Uber Eats still wants to continue with the momentum of creating a sustainable and clean environment…

The new update available from today, will redefine how doing even the smallest of actions, can have the largest of contributions when acted upon.

Reducing plastic wastage needs to be a worldwide movement, with research highlighting that single-use plastic has devastating impacts on natural ecosystems and urban infrastructure. In South Africa, pollution found on the beaches are 90% plastic, with 77% of this being single-use plastic items.

Opt-in for utensils

Uber Eats has just introduced a Utensil Opt-In option, which will now require all Eaters to request straws, cutlery, utensils and other additional items when placing an order on the app.

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Restaurants will no longer have this included by default, significantly reducing the amount of plastic being distributed via Uber Eats. The feature will officially launch in South Africa from Monday, 07 October 2019.

Single-use plastic remains one of the toughest, near impossible plastics to recycle. While it may be a relatively small step, it is just the beginning in looking at more innovative ways the app can become eco-sustainable.



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