2.     Eat the right QUALITY of calories

If you’re eating 2000 calories per day to lose weight, but the calories are all coming from donuts and cake, then you need to rethink what your body actually needs to be healthy.

A healthy body will let go of fat, but an unhealthy body makes fat cells bigger by storing toxic calories inside them. QUALITY calories from real food means your body can function optimally giving you more energy, allowing you to think more clearly, improving your skin and digestive functioning, as well as numerous other benefits.

Bad quality calories do just the opposite.

The bottom line here: Eat more fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs, and fewer processed, deep-fried, and refined foods, especially carbohydrates.

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3.     Make good life choices

If you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol every day, and stay awake until the early hours of the morning playing on your phone then I’ve got news for you – you’re not going to lose much fat.

Bad lifestyle habits are a massive contributor to belly fat retention, because these things all negatively affect your body’s ability to let go of fat.

The chemicals in cigarettes (and vape) and alcohol are toxins (which your body stores in fat cells, making them bigger and bigger), and a lack of sleep means your body doesn’t get the rest it needs to do overall maintenance. Amongst other things, your levels of cortisol (stress hormone) are lowered while you sleep. On the other hand, increased cortisol leads to higher insulin levels, which causes your blood sugar to drop, and a craving for sugary, fatty foods. So you really need to ensure good sleep to lower your cortisol levels.

Your immune system also helps your body fight inflammation, infection, and trauma while you sleep. It needs all the healthy vitamins, minerals, and resources that you feed it to perform its function well. All the more reason to eat QUALITY foods.

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