4.     Sweat!

If you’re in the big-belly club then chances are that you’re not exercising much, if at all. Exercise is a necessary part of human life, and if you’ve got fat to lose, it’s one of the key factors in priming your body for fat loss.

Try to do an average of three hours per week of exercise of some sort, depending on your physical ability. You should ultimately aim, though, to be doing three resistance training (weight training) sessions per week, and some fast-paced walking, too. Once you’ve increased your fitness levels, running is a fantastic way to fight belly fat.

5.     If you’re doing all of the above and still not losing…

Then you may be taking medication that is preventing you from losing fat. While medications are made to help solve one problem, they MAY end up causing weight gain as a side-effect. It is extremely frustrating for individuals who are trying their hardest to lose weight, and ticking all the right boxes only to hit a brick wall.

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If you’re on one (or many) chronic medications that could be affecting your weight, and your ability to lose fat, then chat to your doctor about trying out a different prescription, or slowly weaning yourself off of the meds if possible.

A healthy diet and lifestyle might be just the thing you need to heal your body, and decrease your dependence on chronic medications.