It can be relatively easy to pile on the calories if you tend to eat mindlessly very often.

Over time, the increase in your daily calorie count can lead to weight gain, something most of us (if not all!) are trying to avoid. Do not allow yourself to eat mindlessly.

Ask yourself why you eat mindlessly. Keeping a food journal and writing down how you are feeling every time you reach for food, can help you to determine what is triggering your eating habits.

Are you bored?

You may find that you turn to food perhaps when you are experiencing boredom. If so, consider finding something that can help you to distract yourself from food and eating. Phone a friend, read a book or engage in a favourite hobby. Remember that engaging in physical activities will actually help you to burn some calories so it may be a good idea to do some.

Steer away from high calorie foods and snacks

Be clever and take it a step further by not keeping junk foods in your vicinity. For example, instead of keeping a bag of sweets in your kitchen cupboard, just keep a few. If you run a lot of errands, only keep healthy snacks in your car and in small quantities too. It can save you from consuming hundreds of unnecessary calories! Your figure and slim waistline will look great too!

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