If you ever doubted the power of your hair colour, finding out the original hair colour of these celebs might finally convince you…

We all know the power a fabulous hairdo, and the multitude of sins (read: grey!) that a good dye job can hide, but until you actually see the same person with totally different hair colours, you don’t really realise the effect your hair colour has.

Case in point: when you see the original hair colour of some of these celebs, you may feel shocked, amazed and even betrayed…

Emma Stone

Images: magazinefeatures.co.za


The vivacious actress is known for her stunning red locks, which is why most people are totally surprised by the fact that she’s actually a natural blonde. And not just sort of blonde, very blonde, too!

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Sofia Vergara

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za

The Latina bombshell rocks her darker locks on Modern Family, but the truth is she’s naturally blonde.

Britney Spears

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za


Since she came onto the scene, we’ve known Britney as the gorgeous blonde bombshell of a pop star, but her true roots are on the browner side of things.

Olivia Wilde

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za


Another surprising natural blonde, Olivia has always opted to don a darker ‘do, leaving most fans (and admirers!) rather shocked at the fact that she’s actually blonde.

Emilia Clarke

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za

The Mother of Dragons’ iconic icy blonde locks were almost as famous as the character herself, but the actress’s natural locks are far from blonde. Emilia naturally sports dark brown hair, and looks fab doing it!

Kristen Stewart

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za


After shooting to superstar status thanks to her role as brunette Bella in The Twilight Saga, Kristen has done all she can to separate herself from the role. Luckily for her, her natural blonde hair helps do just that.

Sophie Turner

Image: magazinefeatures.co.za

Another actress whose infamous TV role has led us all to believe that those red locks are her natural colour is another Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner. Like Emma Stone, she’s actually a natural blonde, and while we like Sansa’s red, we love Sophie’s blonde.