You can never have enough cushions, and because your bedroom and living room may get overcrowded at some point, we’ve found ways to put cushions in just about any room in your house.

With the right type of cushion, you can indulge your cushion craze all while decorating your home with tasteful and practical accessories.

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The dinning cushion

Dining benches are growing more popular than traditional dining room chairs and although dinning benches alongside your dining table are chic and stylish, they aren’t always the most comfortable option.

Soften the deal by putting sitting cushions on your benches to make your guests more comfortable. These can be removed when it suits the room décor better to have bare benches and brought out for comfort. This is also a great idea for your kitchen nook where your family can enjoy informal meals without the hassle of decking out the dining room table.

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The guest room needs more cushions

Decorating your guest room can be difficult; different guests have different needs and you can’t possibly cater to everyone’s tastes. Having more cushions in the guest room may sound like a bad idea, but choosing your cushions for use rather than merely as ornaments means your guests will have more than the customary two pillows to choose from.

Offer different types, shapes and sizes of cushions and welcome your guests to choose the perfect pillow.

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Photo by Mary Whitney from Pexels

There’s always room on the floor

If you love entertaining outside, then you probably need more seating space than you already have. Outdoor furniture is placed in limited space with limited seating, and while there’s always more space on the floor, offering your guests a cushion instead of a flimsy blanket and a hard floor is more hospitable.

Have cushions covered in outdoor material to keep permanently with your outdoor furniture.

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You can even have cushions in the bathroom

The bathroom isn’t just a practical space; for many people, it is also the one place you can go for privacy. Home décor trends all point towards a more charming and comfortable bathroom with house plants and carefully chosen walls, so you’ll want to start making the most of your bathroom.

A wicker chair is a great addition to the bathroom and can give you a comfortable and private place to relax after a bath. Make sure the cushions you choose for your chair will survive condensation and will not mould.


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