If you feel deflated and annoyed after receiving work-life balance advice, you are not alone. Here are some more realistic tips…

Wellness expert Alison Roberts says that it’s difficult to give work-life balance advice to everybody because work-life balance is different for everybody.

Trying to manage a career, a home, while raising kids, maintaining a romantic relationship, socialising with friends, working out and prioritising self-care every day is difficult.

This is why Roberts says, “Instead of trying to balance your lives over one day, I focus instead on one week. So if you’re looking at what you’re doing over a week, maybe sometimes you’re busy at work. On a day that you’re less busy you can work out.”

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Roberts, who is also a Bikram yoga teacher, says that there is a notion that woman can do everything every second of the day. “There is too much pressure and too many expectations.”

“By changing your idea of what balance is, means that you achieve those goals. You can be more realistic, “says Roberts.

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