So you’re on diet, and you’re sticking to your eating plan, but what about the cravings?…

There are going to be many times when you’ll find yourself staring aimlessly into the fridge, looking for something to snack on. In these “trying times” there needs to be enough healthy food in there to keep you from going astray.

It needs to be the kind of food that won’t break your diet, but will satisfy the hunger pangs or cravings. And it can’t be donuts! Or cake!

Here are some top foods to always have in your fridge to take care of these cravings.


Eggs are an amazing source of protein, especially at the price. And what’s even better is that they are full of other nutrients like vitamin D and amino acids, too.

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This means that eating eggs is a must for dieters who want to be healthier as well as leaner. Eggs are also easy to prepare, from boiling or poaching all the way to using them raw in a smoothie.

Boil a few eggs at a time and keep them in the fridge, ready to be peeled and eaten for a snack with a little sprinkling of salt. You can also add them to a healthy salad at lunch time, or have one as a pre-workout snack before you hit the gym.

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