Cleaning wipes could well be one of the greatest innovations in cleaning this century. Why fight with grimy, lint-filled clothes when you can grab a disposable wipe, pass it over the surface, and throw it away?

From specialist wipes like leather-conditioning wipes, disinfectant wipes to keep surfaces hygienic, there’s no quick, simpler or easier cleaning solution.

Of course, wipes probably won’t be enough for items that need deep cleaning, but there’s no doubt they make day-to-day tidying a whole lot simpler.

If you’re making this one key mistake with your disinfectant wipes, however, you could be undoing all your efforts:

When cleaning with a wipe – especially if you want to disinfect the surface in areas like kitchens and bathrooms – it’s important not to use one wipe for every surface.

Otherwise, you’re merely gathering germs from one surface to smear them everywhere else – ugh!

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Rather separate the wipes by ‘zone’… counter top, chopping board, loo seat, bath, taps and so on.

While you may use a few more, it will be worth it to ensure you do a clean, sanitary job.