If you follow any cleaning tips, sooner or later you’ll see toothpaste get a mention…

We’ve even published a few clever uses for toothpaste ourselves! At first glance, you may be left very puzzled that something meant to clean our teeth can have other uses around the home – so let’s take a closer look.

The secret is that toothpaste offers an ultra-fine abrasive. That’s how it scrubs plaque and stains off of your teeth.

This means it can be used ideally on surfaces that hold stain, or need a very gentle scrub with ultra-fine particles.

This includes things like tarnished silverware, bathroom fixtures that have got grungy, and even piano keys! After buffing the paste into the surface, you then wipe away with a damp cloth and buff dry.

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Of course, these tips always mean an ultra-plain white toothpaste, like old-fashioned Colgate.

Leave the gels and fancy blends for their intended purpose, and don’t use ‘tartar control’ or ‘whitening’ blends at all, as these may have adverse effects on the surface.