We often battle with streaks on glass mirrors. So we’ve looked at the best ways to banish streaks for good…

Mirrors can be particularly tricky, as you should avoid any cleaning product that may scratch the delicate glass surface or silver backing.

Mirrors can be exposed to waxes, makeup, oils and other hard-to-shift substances

If you find your standard glass cleaner isn’t doing the job on tough buildup (or an old mirror needs some extra shine) try this simple trick instead:

  • Firstly, make sure your cloth is lint-free and free of dust, to avoid scratches.
  • Then use a pot of over-brewed strong black tea. Dip the cloth into the tea, and rub in circles over the mirror.
  • Dry immediately with a fresh cloth.

The tannic acid in the tea will help lift grunge and bring an extra shine. Just don’t over-wet your cloth or allow the mixture to seep into the mirror, as this may tarnish the silver backing.

Have you tried this trick for your own mirrors? Be sure to let us know!

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