If the thought of a day on the patio is making you break out into a sweat, we’ve got your back (and forehead)…

Summer comes with loads of perks for the majority of the population. Long, warm days. Endless events, parties, and gatherings. Ice cream, chilled drinks, and delicious seasonal fruit. And super shiny skin with an extra serving of breakouts if you have oily skin to begin with.

Be clever about cleansing

In a lot of cases, cleansing is where oily-skinned people make their first and very crucial mistake. In a bid to remove as much oil as possible, you may very likely be overstimulating oil production and even causing inflammation.

While the temporary squeaky-clean feeling is alluring, it’s the first indication that you’re using the wrong product. Your skin should feel soft and comfortable after cleansing, and not at all tight.

If you want to use a foaming wash, ensure that it’s soap-free and suitable for sensitive skin – that way you know it’s gentle enough. If you can at all wrap your head around it, try using an oil cleanser. Oil dissolves oil, and it’s one of the best and cleanest feelings you’ll ever experience.

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Don’t skip moisturiser

No matter how tempting it seems, don’t skip crucial skincare steps like moisturiser and SPF. Oily skins still require moisture and nutrients, and giving it the necessary care it needs will help keep acne-causing inflammation at bay.

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Test a few primers

Scrounge for samples and test a couple of makeup primers. They are applied as the sandwich filling between skincare and makeup to hold everything together. Most primers come with added benefits like mattifying, pore blurring, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties – make sure you try those out. There are some oily-skinned individuals who do not get along with silicone-based primers – definitely see what works for you.

The pro guide to face primer

Oil-free from here onwards

Ensure that your complexion products (foundation, concealer and powder) are oil-free. Not only will this help keep shine at bay, it will also keep your products in place for longer.

Set and blot

Choose a mattifying and long-wearing setting-spray – they do wonders to help you keep your composure. It’s handy to keep one of these in your handbag in case of severe shine during the day. You can also use rice paper or a single sheet of tissue to blot away oil in case of emergencies.