Make sure your hair stays your crowning glory and read this before you take the plunge and get those highlights…

There’s nothing that makes you feel more like a fabulous new you than a new hairdo, and while you can go extreme with chopping off your lengths or dying your blonde locks brown, it’s could also be as simple as the perfect set of highlights. Do yourself a favour and avoid any unpleasant hair surprises by reading this before you get highlights…

Assess the quality of your hair

There’s no two ways about it: applying and dye to your hair does damage it. You’re putting chemicals on your hair, which inevitable dry it out and alter its natural state, which means you need healthy hair to begin with… unless you want to risk it falling out (for reals!). Examine your hair – or get someone to do it for you – and assess whether you need to offer it some serious TLC before taking the plunge.

Do your homework

The last thing you want to do is walk away from your hair appointment with a hair disaster thanks to that “really affordable” but totally inexperienced hair stylist. These days, most salons should have social media pages filled with images of their clients looks, giving you a feel for the hair dressers aesthetic, so give it a glance to see if it matches yours. You should also contact the salon and ask for prices; no one wants that awkward shock of an eye-wateringly high price tab when you go to pay!

Think about your lifestyle

When it comes to deciding of the type of highlights to get and the look you should go for, you need to consider what kind of maintenance suits your lifestyle. Do you have the time (and money!) to go for regular appointments to re-touch your roots, or is this simply not possible? Do you spend plenty of time outdoors in the sun, or mostly have your hair tied up? All of these factors will affect the placement of your highlights as well as the colour, so you need to think about all of this beforehand and discuss these aspects with your stylist.

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Find some images

It does actually make your stylists job a lot easier when you have images of the kind of look you’re after, rather than just trying to explain it to them. Have a search for some hair colour looks that you love so that they know how bold or not you’re willing to go.

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Be realistic

At the same time, you need to be realistic. Rocking up with an image of hair that is totally the opposite to yours won’t do anyone any favours, so keep in mind your natural hair colour and texture, as well as your complexion and eye colour when choosing the tone of highlights you’re after.

Take care of your hair

Your stylist will probably recommend some products to prolong the life of your highlights and nourish your hair, and you really should consider using these. If they are out of your budget, be honest with your stylist and ask them to recommend some drugstore products that will do the trick.