Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 10:54 am

The Mzansi fashion police were called out to investigate a style crime this weekend and the culprit was none other than Black Coffee!

The South African DJ might be known for his hit music, but his recent style attempt was a definite miss.

The Lalala DJ was a special guest at this past weekend’s Paris Fashion Week and his choice of pants left little to be desired. While fashion isn’t always at the top of Black Coffee’s list of priorities, he definitely knows how to look the part for the big occasion. This is why it came as such a shock when he got it completely wrong for one of the biggest events on the global fashion calendar.

To be fair, his outfit wasn’t a complete disaster – the hoodie, which was a shade of off-white and donned with colourful prints, was actually very cool. He was let down by his choice of pants which looked to be drowning his legs. If he was trying to look like grade-1 pupil wearing oversized tracksuits on his/her first day of school then he certainly succeeded – but for the most part, everybody in Mzansi believed this to be a massive fashion faux pas.

Black Coffee showed off the outfit on social media before the big night where he wrote:

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His followers have stood by him through thick and thin but even his most loyal fans couldn’t defend this latest look. His fans took to social media to comment about the outfit where they wrote critical (and hilarious) comments. Check out a few of them below:

We’re not sure how many of the memes Black Coffee saw himself, but he did take a moment to hit back at one of his critics by insisting there was nothing wrong with his pants.

What do you think of Black Coffee’s Paris Fashion Week outfit – were the pants as bad as people made them out to be?