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If you’re looking for a new neighbourhood, we’ve rounded up our top 10 places of where to rent in Johannesburg.

Why you rent

Finding where to rent in Joburg just got easier, thanks to our upcoming list. Your next home is always just one decision away, when you choose to rent. Your relationship with property, however, began long before you moved in to your very first place. Your first leap onto the property ladder doesn’t start when you sign your first offer to purchase.

Your relationship with property

In fact, your relationship with property starts much earlier on, as you grow up in your family home, and then move out when it’s the right time for you.

For many people, renting is their first big step towards owning their own home. For others, renting properties is a way of life, giving them the freedom to move on short notice, and manage their budget in a more predictable fashion.

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Although ABSA’s Homeowner Sentiment Index for Q2 2019 found that 75% of people surveyed would rather buy than rent, the demand for rental properties in Gauteng is always growing.

If you’ve chosen to rent in Gauteng, rather than purchase, you’re in luck.

Where to rent in Joburg

Choosing your neighbourhood is often highly dependent on where your office is situated, which schools your children attend, and where your family needs to be. But finding a place to rent in Joburg can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not sure where to begin your search.

Your rental budget

Of course, money is always a significant consideration when choosing where to rent in Gauteng. Finding a new place to live in Joburg, however, just got easier, thanks to our list of where to rent in Joburg. We took a look at which suburbs are the most popular to rent in Gauteng, and we worked to a strict budget.

Here are the top 10 suburbs where you can rent in Joburg, for under R10 000 a month:

1. Ferndale

You can expect to find a great place in Ferndale, when you’re looking to rent in Gauteng. Ferndale is a much-loved suburb, with tree-lined streets and lots of things to do. The average rental price for a property in Ferndale sits at approximately R7000, so you’d be spoilt for choice when trying to find a new, budget-friendly home to rent.

2. Protea Glen

If your office is situated in Johannesburg South or Soweto, Protea Glen is a definite contender for the top of your list on where to rent in Gauteng. Properties to rent in Protea Glen range from small apartments to 4-bedroom houses, and all falling into the budget-busting average price of just R3800 per month when you rent. You’ll enjoy shopping at Protea Glen Mall, and find it relatively easy to get where you need to go.

3. Northcliff

Settling in to your Northcliff home seems a little simpler, when you consider that you can expect to pay R8600 per month when you rent in this neighbourhood. Northcliff has everything you need when you’re looking to rent in Joburg, including a tight knit community. Family-friendly facilities and conveniently located shopping centres, along with sweet suburban living await.

4. Halfway Gardens

As a Midrand suburb that’s highly demanded, Halfway Gardens seems to have cracked that signature recipe, combining affordable properties with exceptional convenience. Situated directly between Centurion and Sandton, Halfway Gardens is near-perfect for when you’re starting out, or looking to settle in for a long-term rental. With the average rental price in Halfway Gardens resting at approximately R7500, you’ll easily find the perfect home.

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5. Douglasdale

Cluster homes, townhouse complexes, and exceptional suburban living can be expected when you move into Douglasdale. Situated close enough to the major roads and freeways to make life easy, Douglasdale is a charming suburb, that attracts both the up-and-coming career professionals and families alike.

A quick glance at rental prices in Douglasdale tell you why: the average rental amount in Douglasdale is just R9200, making it a priority suburb for those who want to rent in Gauteng.

6. North Riding

Now popular with first time buyers, North Riding is a suburb much in demand by the rental community too. With properties to rent for an average price of just under R8000, North Riding is an excellent choice, whether you choose to rent or buy. If you work in the northern Johannesburg region, North Riding will be the prime choice for your next neighbourhood.

7. Paulshof

Young professionals adore living the good life in Paulshof and they’re making a wise financial choice. This suburb is demand when looking to rent in Gauteng. Paulshof is stylish, with suburban developments sprouting up from every corner. You can expect to pay approximately R8250 per month when you rent in Paulshof, and take your pick from the modern apartments and elegant townhouses.

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8. Lonehill

Just a 30 kilometre drive out of the city centre, Lonehill is a well-loved suburb of Johannesburg. With a community that emphasises security and safety, Lonehill is a lovely place to live, attracting families and young professionals for similar reasons: a convenient location and lots of things to do. If you’re looking to rent in Gauteng, you can’t go wrong with Lonehill, where you’ll find a place to rent for approximately R9500 on average.

9. Sunninghill

A wide selection of properties, ranging in type, size, and style, Sunninghill is a rather upmarket place to live when you choose to rent in Gauteng. The average monthly rental amount is R9500, and you’ll certainly find a good home in one of the suburb’s developments, apartment blocks, or cluster homes.

10. Noordwyk

Mixing it up with equal parts country and cosmopolitan living, Noordwyk is a Midrand suburb that’s seen much development over the past few decades. With a wide range of affordable properties to rent, Noordwyk makes it easy for the budget-conscious renter. The average price you’ll pay to rent a property in Noordwyk is just R7700 per month. That makes the area similarly popular for those who love a lock-up-and-go lifestyle, and corporate tenants too.

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