Actress, philanthropist and business owner Hlubi Mboya is a realist with a positive attitude. This combination might just be the secret to her growth as an entrepreneur.

Struck by the reality of how unpredictable an income from an acting career could be, Hlubi decided to venture out into the world of business in 2015, not only for herself, but also to uplift young, would-be entrepreneurs through her NGO, Future CEOs .

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From artist to businesswoman

Although Hlubi is still very much an actress, her journey into business has definitely changed her life.

“Art is still my first love. Not getting a steady salary as an actress was really a blessing in disguise because it opened me up to the world of entrepreneurship. I brought with me elements of creativity that are an asset to my ventures,” says Hlubi.

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She went into business for the same reason millions of entrepreneurs go into business across South Africa: how she conducts her business sets her apart.

“I don’t look at entrepreneurship as a career; there are no set working hours and there are no guarantees. An entrepreneur is a tenacious and pioneering spirit that seeks a solution to a problem first, not just another way to make money,” she explains.

Thriving in an imperfect world

The landscape for South African entrepreneurs isn’t perfect, and while there are many things that need to change to make things easier, Hlubi says entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need an obliging environment to thrive.

“I never imagine the perfect scenario because it doesn’t exist. As entrepreneurs, we need to find opportunities in our current circumstances and run our businesses on solution-based ideas.”

Roaring with pride

As a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, it is important for Hlubi to contribute to the success of others. Lioness of Africa, a public benefit corporation, was a natural fit for Hlubi, who lends her positive energy and charisma to the organisation as its brand ambassador and host for events.

“I love hosting Lioness of Africa events; no two events are the same, but there is always so much passion flowing through the room. I love that it isn’t your average women’s club; it’s so real. The stories our members share are filled with grit – the reality of working hard to make it as an entrepreneur in South Africa,” she shares.

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Hlubi’s secret to success

Hlubi’s goal in business is to build a high impact business that not only makes money, but makes a social impact too. While working towards her goal, Hlubi says she has found that self-care is vital.

Here’s her advice on looking after yourself while you look after a business: “There is so much pressure to do it all, but the reality is you can’t. It’s important to take care of your body, eat well exercise and rest when you need to. Your energy is so important to your business and how it runs.”