We get it. It’s hard to get excited about scrubbing brushes. Does it even matter what shape of brush you’re using?

In truth, the shape and style of brush you use can make a huge difference to how easily jobs get done – and who doesn’t want to spend less time on cleaning?

Adding this one specific dish brush to your arsenal could turn hand dishwashing from a drag to done-and-dusted!

Many of us may not even own a dish brush at all: you may only have a faithful dish sponge and brillo pad.

A stiff brush provides a nice medium between the two extremes, without the power to scratch and damage that a brillo can have, but still providing more punch for burnt-on food than a sponge.

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In fact, a softer brush and a pan scraper can be invaluable in removing burnt food from delicate pans where you don’t want to scratch the non-stick coating.

Of the many shapes available, however, which is best? You may be surprised at the answer – but look for a round brush

Think ‘man’s shaving brush’, but larger, for the correct style. Not only does this neat and compact round shape gives you ultimate scrubbing power, but it will easily reach the corners of almost all kitchenware, and holds a generous amount of soap, too.

Make your dishwashing endeavours easier – grab a soft, round dish brush and watch that burnt-on grime wash away.