Kitchen remodels are notoriously expensive. If you don’t have the budget, space or time to go overboard with a full remodel, however, there’s a host of smaller tweaks you can make that will greatly improve your kitchen quality-of-life…

Here are 3 weekend DIY improvements that could change your kitchen for the better:

1) Buy a top-shelf drying rack

Sick of that dirty, mould-collecting and perpetually soggy rack holding your clean dishes? It’s time to upgrade. Look for a wall-mounted (or double-storey) dish rack with wide drainage and a lack of nooks-and-crannies that will be difficult to clean.

By wall mounting your rack, you not only save some space, but have the advantage of better air circulation and easier cleaning.

2) Install a bigger sink

Unless you custom built your house, chances are the kitchen sink is woefully inadequate for your needs. No need to struggle further!

This can be a delicate job, as it will require custom-measuring the counter and some careful cutting, as well as some basic plumbing knowledge before you reseal the area.

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Even if you don’t feel up to a weekend of DIY, it’s a small enough job for your trusted plumber to get done in a day, and will make a big difference.

3) Add a mounted (or built-in) soap dispenser

Sick of chasing the soap bottle around cluttered countertops? Use a wall-mounted – or even better, in-built – soap dispenser to banish this irritation for good.

These three small quality-of-life improvements will make a big difference to your kitchen experience.