Do you think that the reading on the scale is always accurate in terms of how much fat you are holding? Could the weight on the scale be wrong?

It could be possible that the reading on the scale is not an accurate reflection of your true fat levels. How could this be so?

Sometimes, water retention can be reflected as a higher reading on the scale. Hormonal changes in women can sometimes lead to water retention. So if a woman who is retaining water weighs herself, she may feel that she is bigger than she really is, once seeing the reading on the scale.

Remember that, as you build muscle tissue, your body may become heavier and this can be seen as a higher reading on the scale too. It does not necessarily mean that you hold more fat.

See your doctor

Chat to your doctor if you are concerned about your weight measurements. There could be underlying reasons as to why your weight readings may not be changing. It is important to investigate what these reasons are so that possible treatment may be rendered if necessary.

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