Consider shopping alone if it will help you to keep the calories down.

You may find that shopping with family, especially children, is a sure way to find yourself indulging in more sweet treats and high calorie beverages. Think about it for a minute.

Do you find yourself promising your young children, nephews or nieces delicious foods or snacks if they are well behaved while you get going with your shopping? Are you adding a few chocolate bars, strips of chips or mini packets of sweets to your shopping basket before cashing out?

Too many treats?

If you are, you are bound to throw in a treat for yourself at the same time. If you tend to enjoy these indulgences once too often, it may be time to start making some changes to the way you go about shopping. If not, you may find yourself a little heavier as the months pass by.

Save calories!

If it is possible to shop alone, consider doing it. It may save you loads of time, energy, money and best of all calories too!

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Possible options

Here are a few options as to how shopping alone might work for you. You could take turns with your partner on who will be doing the shopping over the next few weeks. Alternatively, offer to have your friend’s children over for a play date while she does her shopping and she could do the same for you when you need to get some errands done.

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