Clinical psychologist Aleks George Srbinoski reveals the most common cause of stress today and tells us what we can do about it…

We all know that modern life is stressful, but why and what can we do to calm down?

Happiness expert Srbinoski says that we are overstimulated. From juggling work-life balance to being constantly bombarded with information, he says, “There’s just too much going on today.”

Our beta brain wave is our busy brainwave and it’s the mode we are in most of the day.  However, Srbinoski says that when we’re sitting and doing nothing, we start to settle our body and our brain goes into an alpha brainwave.

“Alpha is where we are more creative, more relaxed, where we’re more open to new ideas,” says Srbinoski.

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The good news is that you don’t need to take hours to calm down, even a few minutes of quiet makes a difference. Try spending just a few minutes listening to gentle music or doing a mindfulness exercise during your tea break, your lunch break and before you go to bed.

Quick Pilates workout for anxiety (under 10 minutes)

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