One of the first things you think of if your wardrobe is getting whiffy is mould…

While mould can be a legitimate concern in any contained, dark space, chances are there may be an easier solution at hand – and that’s making sure your favourite shoes aren’t contributing to the odour issue.

Ideally, we should always have our shoe-wearing rota set up so each pair of shoes gets a 48 hour break after wear. Of course, that’s very often not the case- our favourites get worn time and again, while the rest simply linger unworn.

Even if you are pretty good with rotating your shoes, the closed space with little ventilation can hold funk. So can certain common shoe materials – and dirty soles can be a culprit, too.

If you suspect your shoe collection is contributing to unpleasant whiffs in the wardrobe, don’t worry – a couple of simple solutions should set you straight:

Add a small bowl of coffee grounds, kitty litter or bicarb to the back of the shoe shelf to absorb unpleasant odours before they spread.

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Also, get into the habit of allowing your heavily-worn shoes (be it work shoes or your favourite trainers) to stand in the sun and open air for a few hours each week.

With these two strategies, shoe smells will be a thing of the past.