For most of us, the bathroom is the smallest room of the house…

Especially if you have an en suite linked to your bedroom. Yet in a busy family, there can be a lot you need to pack into that limited space.

If the cupboard under the sink isn’t cutting it for you, it’s time to get smart about your bathroom space.

Take a moment, and look around the bathroom

Floor space may be limited, but there’s actually a ton of wasted space you can use smartly.

Look above the toilet cistern or bathtub… the area is perfect for some elegant floating shelves.

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Likewise, you can make a smart statement piece out of your mirror, and fit short floating shelves either side as an attractive, unusual frame.

Need some space for spare towels?

Use a box shelf in the ‘dead’ space above the door for an attractive and sensible solution.

You can even install tension rods inside existing cupboards to hold necessities like toilet paper and spare washcloths.

When it comes to a small area like the bathroom, it’s important to think laterally when looking for space-saving options. No matter how limited your space, it’s possible to avoid clutter and keep things looking great with a little smart thinking.