It’s summer and there’s nothing like sunlight to show off dust and streaks on your windows. Here’s how to keep your windows clean and shiny the easy way.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to wipe and polish your windows every morning, but with our handy tips, it is possible to maintain clean and shiny windows without all the effort.

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Always rinse your windows before you wash them

Washing the windows is a task you can easily put off for months on end, but the end result is never pretty if you do. As dust and grime builds on your windows over the months it can get harder to clean off. The first step though should always be to rinse the dust off.

You can easily spray the dust off the outside of your windows with a hose. This not only cuts down on your physical labour, but also protects the glass from scratches, which are common when you wash windows by rubbing the dust across them.

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Skip the soapy window washer

Using soap on your windows can help you get oily hand marks and grime off quickly, but the suds can also leave you with soap marks on your windows. Skip the soapy window washers and go for a glass cleaner or make a simple vinegar-based window cleaner yourself.

Skip the squeegee

Using a squeegee seems like the natural option to quickly cleaning your windows, but unless you’re a wiz with the squeegee, you’ll have to put more work into cleaning off marks between squeegee strokes and cleaning up the mess they leave on the ground.

Rather use a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth will dry and polish your windows at the same time, cutting your workload in half. Microfiber also won’t leave streaks on your windows.

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