Green up

In small, narrow spaces, you can create an illusion of space by drawing the eye up.

A garden umbrella helps do this, as do potted trees and vertical gardening ideas like hanging baskets, window boxes, and climbing plants that will creep up a trellis or wall.

Opt for narrow planting pots and vertical green wall options to help save floor space in tight quarters.

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Decorate the walls

As well as vertical garden ideas, consider adding interest to your small patio, without taking up space, by decorating the walls.

Consider painting a landscape mural or adding a mirror to create the illusion of space. A large mirror can be placed to look like a doorway into another section of a garden.

If you have children, mount a large blackboard on the wall and pop chalk in a bucket (or in a storage bench) nearby to keep your budding little artists entertained outdoors.

And finally, consider adding bunting and/or string lights to make a small garden feel festive all year round.