One of our readers, Anne Coetzee, who is a member of the Callanetics Teachers Association of SA submitted this tip in response to our recent tip on bunions:
“I would like to contribute by adding that the main reason for bunions is the incorrect foot posture, which leads to “the big toe pushing towards the other toes, causing the metatarsal bone away from the foot”. I am a member of the Callanetics Teachers Association of SA and one of the areas that we address is the correct foot posture; ” weight on the outer heel and big toe firm contact with the floor, with an upright, straight heel”. This action lifts the arch of the foot – a flat arch causes the weight to “sink” inward and this causes the deviation of the big toe which in turn leads to bunions. Foot exercises (correct strengthening as well as awareness exercises and re-training of the alignment of the foot – daily for a few minutes and incorporating these into everyday life) can improve and often correct this condition and prevent the necessity of a surgical procedure, but one has to be patient and diligent as it can take a few months to achieve lasting results. But even after a surgical procedure the foot needs to be retrained to be aligned correctly to avoid a recurrence of the problem.”
Thank you Anne! Callanetics website:

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