Last updated on Sep 26th, 2019 at 01:26 pm

We at All4Women are celebrating Heritage Day by focusing on what is good – and positive – about our country, and this Facebook group is a great example!

#ImStaying is their hashtag

In just over two weeks, I’m Staying has gained almost 115 000 members – South Africans who are posting their stories of loyalty, ubuntu, resilience… and hope!

The group’s page describes #ImStaying as a group “dedicated to the South African women and men of all races and all religions, who remain loyal to South Africa. This group is to honour all those who still believe that we as a nation can turn things around.

“To all those who choose to stay and work together to save this beautiful country we call home: This group belongs to all willing to make a positive difference!”

The group’s creator, Jarette Petzer, is in awe at how fast the group has grown, and we were excited so see that #Im Staying has evolved, in a short time, to also become a place where South Africans with skills, small business owners, and entrepreneurs can provide support for each other, start-ups and the unemployed.

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Whichever one (or three) you choose to believe: that there is power in unity, there is power in collective prayer and there is power in social media, our message to you this Heritage Day is to use Facebook for good and unite behind something positive to create a wave of energy and strength to support one another in these turbulent times that we have to believe WILL pass!