Last updated on Jan 26th, 2021 at 03:54 pm

Boity Thulo’s mom, Modiedi, has for the first time spoken out about allegedly being sexually harassed by some of her former colleagues.

Modiedi took to Twitter recently to detail how she was first harassed by the HR manager and when she reported the matter to the company’s CEO, he also made an inappropriate comment to her.

She said that she resigned immediately after the incident and had lost everything.

“I was sexually harassed by my HR manager at my previous job. I eventually took the matter to the CEO… his response was: ‘Why o sa mo gaye vele because lenna kao nyaka (you should give it to him because I also want you). I resigned… I lost everything. I’m talking about it for the first time without crying,” she tweeted.

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Modiedi didn’t comment on whether she plans on taking any further action against her former employer.

Social media users filled her TL with messages of support.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula was among several people who had words of encouragement for her.

“Strength. Strength my sister harassment of our sisters, women go through this daily. Name and shame,” said Fikile Mbalula said.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Askies about what you went through. I know it’s hard for women to talk about abuse and sexual harassment at the workplace, especially when the perpetrators are in high positions [like] HR, CEOs and management even, CCMA doesn’t work. It’s brave of you to share your story on social media. I hope it will help other women who are silent because they’re afraid to lose work and won’t be able to provide for the family. This monster must be rooted out [of] the system.”