After seeing a scam involving one of their shows go viral, Mzansi Magic has moved swiftly to warn fans not to be fooled by hackers who have taken over the show’s official phone number

Please Step In is one of the biggest shows in South Africa right now and it’s little surprise that people want to be involved. The relationship show is focused on assisting family members who are trying to resolve a collective issue or an insurmountable challenge by having its host Angie Diale mediate the conversation.

In order to find willing participants, the show advertises a phone number on which prospective families can share their stories and, if they are lucky enough to be called back, they get to appear on the show and resolve their issues on national television. It’s a positive initiative but unfortunately the phone number, which is critical for recruitment, has fallen into the wrong hands.

A group of hackers has taken over the advertised number and proceeded to lure unsuspecting victims into parting ways with their money

The hackers are pretending to be Mam’ Angie and claiming that, in order to be considered for mediation, they have to pay a fee. After catching wind of the scam the Mzansi Magic press team has issued a statement not only alerting fans to a new number but also warning them not to fall for the fraudulent messages.

Part of the statement reads, “Please note that Connect tv and Mzansi Magic under no circumstances accepts money from people that need help on Please Step In.

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“People on our shows appear out of their own free will and without having to pay to appear on our platforms.”

This latest act of cybercrime is the most recent addition to a growing list of famous hackings that have occurred in South Africa this year. One hopes that cellular providers can provide more security to public numbers such as these.

What advice do you have to prevent people from falling victim to fake TV show scams?