“Exercise for Weight Loss” is an article series detailing the most successful exercise strategies that can be used to assist in speeding up the weight loss process, and help you end-up with a sleek, toned physique once your body weight gets down to your goal-weight. 

How to get strong without getting ‘bulky’

Strength is the one exercise that will drive your weight loss and health results better than any other!

Getting strong is a fairly simple process, just like learning any other skill in life. You start where you are, learn the basic moves and motor-patterns, and then increase your output levels consistently over time so that the ‘difficulty’ level increases.

If you were learning to knit, this would mean first learning how to make a stitch, then stringing a row of stitches together, then knitting a simple shape, like a square, and so on until you were able to make a jersey.

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Four basic exercises to start you off

In strength, you need to learn a few basic exercises – four to begin with – and then begin doing them using a light weight, and repeat the process three days per week, moving up in weight a little every time until you can’t do that anymore. By that stage you should be MUCH stronger than you are now.

Watch YouTube videos for proper technique or employ the services of a personal trainer to help you learn the correct technique.

How do you stop yourself from getting “bulky”?

This is something that a lot of women are worried about when I chat to them about doing strength training. The truth is that it is actually very difficult for women to get ‘bulky’ without a very specific ‘bulking’ eating plan, and a highly intense strength training programme. They spend MANY many hours in the gym, and their lives are focussed on building their body shape.

It takes YEARS to build up the muscle mass and body shape that most women think of when they think ‘bulky’. These body-builder looking women also take a lot of supplements to help them achieve their goals.

What am I saying here?

It’s very unlikely that you’ll end up anywhere near ‘bulky’ if you follow a normal strength and diet programme. What you WILL get is TONED, strong, and lean. Which is what you really want right?

Don’t worry about getting ‘bulky’ if you do strength training. For now, focus on learning the squat, deadlift, press and bench press. If you’re looking for more info, go to startingstrength.com and learn from one of the world’s best trainers.

Getting strong will change your life.


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