Jessica Alba: Let your kids fail

Jessica Alba is a mother of three. The Honest Company founder tries to give her children a normal life despite their fame and riches. One of her parenting tips is to avoid being a helicopter mom and allow your children to fail in order to learn important lessons.

“Kids want to give up when they’re not naturally good at something. It’s easier to quit than try. My parents did tough love with me. My mom, a swimmer, put me on the swim team when I was 10. I was so miserable that I’d cry doing laps. At meets, my parents would say, ‘You have to finish, even if you’re last’.

“They taught me that failure is not about losing; it’s about not trying. It stuck, and now I have the discipline to push through even when I want to give up. I try to teach that to my kids. Honor wanted to quit coding camp, but I wouldn’t let her, and after a week, she was so proud of herself. I was like, ‘See? Remember how you didn’t want to go, and now you’ve coded this cool pet?’” she told Parents magazine.

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