If you’ve ever wanted to smooth your lumps and bumps instantly and look a size or two smaller than you actually are, then you probably already own a pair of shapewear.

The queen of shapewear herself, Kim Kardashian, has gone on the record to say she sometimes even wears two pairs of shapewear at the same time. In fact, she loves shapewear so much, she recently released her own line. Her nude-coloured ‘Skims’ are incredibly popular with fans who were so excited that the designer shapewear made $2 million in just ten minutes.

If ever there was anyone to trust to create a line of shapewear that works, it would be Kim Kardashian – but we aren’t too sure about the popular onesie though. Here are the pros and cons of wearing a Skims onesie.

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Con: Toilet breaks are a nightmare

If you’ve ever put on a body shaper, you’ll know that it needs to be reasonably tight to actually get the job done. For those who haven’t ever worn body shapers, this also means they’re a nightmare to get on and off.

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A body shaping bodysuit is double the trouble. Pulling the skin tight undies over your legs, then all the way up over your shoulders even once is a body shaping workout all on its own.

While bodysuit body shapers usually have an opening in the crotch area for toilet breaks, it isn’t the most sanitary option. Kim Kardashian herself admitted she has had accidents using the ‘pee hole’ in shape wear and has decided for that reason not to have an opening in her Skims.

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Pro: Minimal bulges and breaks

Body shapers are meant to be tight. If you look the same inside and outside of your body shaper, you’re doing it wrong. They typically target your waist and tummy, slimming them down and creating an hourglass silhouette.

Sometimes body shapers aren’t as high-waisted as you need them to be, leaving the top area of your tummy unshaped. This can create an uncomfortable-looking bulge in your clothing. The bodysuit body shaper usually covers you from your shoulders to your knees, leaving no room for bulging midsections.

Con: Not a beginner’s body shaper

From the moment you put your body shaper on, you have no choice but to keep your stomach in – that’s the point, the body shaper does it for you.

A full body shaper isn’t a good beginner shaper because they are considerably more expensive and can also be considerably more uncomfortable. While it’s almost certain that getting the right bodysuit body shaper in exactly the right size will get the job done, you’ll never know if you can handle it until you’re squeezed and tucked into a shapely, spandex-clad version of your bigger self.

Pro: Great breast support

Many bodysuit body shapers like Kim Kardashian’s Skims bodysuit have a built-in bra. These offer great support, rivalling that of a high-end sports bra. The only catch is that they only work if your hip to breast ratio is catered for by the body shaper, so you might have to try a few before you find your perfect fit.

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