In the wake of recent femicide attacks, Hulisani Ravele, like most women in SA could not escape the fear she felt when she was placed in a situation with two suspicious men

Taking to Twitter, Hulisani detailed how she recently visited a cemetery to pay her respects to a loved one, but ended up fearing for her safety.

In a lengthy thread, the TV and radio personality explained how she instantly became defensive and feared the worst when she encountered two men at the cemetery.

“Today I went to the cemetery to remember a loved one… only to leave within minutes, shaken. As I walked to the grave I passed one guy with a rake, I took note of him because he was in civilian clothes, so not a worker there. As I got to the grave another guy, walking parallel to the other, with a spade in his hand and a school bag startled me.”

Hulisani explained that the guy stopped a few metres away and asked her if she needed help to clean the grave.

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She said she could not help the fear that “surged” through her as she positioned herself so that the first guy was also in her line of vision.

Hulisani explained that she could not stop thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to her, which was a terrifying reality in SA

“I imagined so many scenarios. Robbed, raped, left in a grave. Knocked out, kidnapped, raped, never to be seen again. I don’t know what’s sadder; that I was unable to do such a simple act of remembering a loved one in peace, or that all those scenarios are/were a real reality.”

She added that she went home, gave thanks that she was safe and went straight to sleep, knowing well that “some young girl… some woman won’t get to do that today”.

“I’ll try being a normal, optimistic citizen of this country again tomorrow. For today, ke shup. I wish I knew what the solution is… cos living defensively is not it,” Hulisani added.