Whether it’s going off too fast, being tricky to manage, or not tasting as you expected, sometimes fresh foods disappoint. Not with these smart tips up your sleeve, however!

Separate your bananas

A bunch of bananas looks good in a fruit bowl, but it’s not the best way to store them.

Rather separate the bananas at the stem. This slows the speed at which they ripen, keeping them tastier for longer.

Count the bumps on that pepper

Did you know that you can get a great idea about the taste of a pepper from the number of ‘bumps’ at the bottom? Four bump peppers are crunchier, while three bump peppers tend to be sweeter.

Perfect cheese

If you don’t have a dedicated cheese wire, you can cut soft, crumbly or gooey cheeses using a piece of (unflavoured) dental floss.

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It keeps the cut neat and clean, and prevents it from disintegrating and clinging to a knife.

With these three quick and easy tips under your belt, you’ll have a lot more fun with fresh produce.