Even with plastic bag legislation helping us to keep our beautiful country tidier, chances are you still find a ton of old bags stuffed under the sink and everywhere else in your kitchen…

Undoubtedly, having a bag or two on hand can be useful for all sorts of purposes, from carrying shopping to bagging up messy kitchen scraps.

Here’s the simplest way possible to neaten up your cupboards, tidy up your life and keep the planet cleaner too!

Simply hang on to those old baby wipe (or cleaning wipe) containers before you throw them out

Not only do they hold a ton of bags, but the convenient pop-up lid means no more fights to pull one separate.

Jazz up the look of the container with a little patterned paper and some sticky tape, and you’ll have an attractive bag dispenser you don’t have to hide in the cupboard.

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Keeping a practical home and keeping a neat home don’t have to be at odds with each other, with simple little tricks like this.