The summer heat is already creeping up on us. While it may mean braais and fun times with the family, it also means hot weather that can interfere with your sleep…

If the thought of a hot bedroom is keeping you up at night, try this simple tweak to your fan’s positioning to cool things off.

Instinct says we should place the fan so it blows on us, right?

However, after a while it simply feels like we’re moving hot air around, and all cooling effects are lost!

It’s time to get science on our side. If you’re able to crack a window for the cool air, place your fan so it blows out of the room instead, such as into a hallway.

This way, it will suck hot air out of the room, and cause a small vacuum nature will rush to fix – with the cool outdoor air.

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This same scientific principle of displaced air is why you reverse the direction of ceiling fans in winter- pushing the warm air that rises back down into the room.

And if you happen to have reversed your ceiling fans for winter, be sure to turn them back to the cooling direction now summer is on the way!