If you’ve been pondering a big chop, we may just have the motivation you needed…

You can change your entire look in under an hour

For a couple of hundred bucks (depending on your choice of stylist), you can update your appearance completely. A drastic hair change is one of the best and most affordable ways to change up your look in a very easy way.

You can contribute to a good cause

If your hair is long and you can make a ponytail that is 25cm or longer, you can donate it to CANSA, who has wigs made which is in turn donated to chemotherapy patients free of charge.

Aside from dreadlocks, any type of hair can be utilised – including chemically treated. For details and guidelines, visit this page.

It’s a great opportunity to play with colour

Bleaching shoulder length hair platinum blonde or dyeing it cherry red results in months (if not years) of growing out or phasing out the colour. If you have a shaggy pixie cut, you can change it monthly if you want to. For the same reason it’s easier to experiment with bolder colours.

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It accentuates your facial features

The right short haircut can do wonders for your features – especially if you’re stuck in a hair rut. A good stylist will cut your hair in a style that frames your face in just the right way, and places focus on your bone structure and stand-out features.

It grows back again

The great thing about hair? It grows back at about a centimeter a month on average. If you hate it, your hair stylist can help you with an intermediary trim here and there to ensure you have a variety of stylish do’s as you grow it out again.