Spring, summer, autumn or winter – you may want to consider decorating in one of these seasonal looks for your baby’s nursery… 

There are many ways of prepping for a new arrival to your family and setting up a nursery is one of them.

Decorating according to the season in which your baby will be born is a fun way to count down the days.

According to Gumtree marketing manager Estelle Nagel, opting for basic white or brown nursery furniture allows you to update the décor by simply changing a few elements, such as the linen.

Spring: Lemon and lime

While spring is traditionally associated with bright florals, you can opt for soft, warm greens and yellows for a more gender-neutral approach.

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A statement armchair can add colour to the room, while vintage soft toys and storage boxes bring a sense of fun and whimsy.

Summer: Rainbow riot

Summer is the season of fun and sunshine, which is why a summer room can be filled with loud colours and toys.

A compartmentalised bookshelf with bright cubbies is a great way to store odds and ends and can be upgraded as your child grows. Some stores, like Kids’ Cove, even have an option to customise the colours.

A playground tunnel net (R560 – R650 from Takealot) can be used for additional storage – and playtime.  

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